117630, Moscow, Architectora Vlasova St. 57, office 409.
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19 April 2016
SPM received a bronze rating among enterprises...
21 January 2016
By the day of Epiphany SPM donated to the church...
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Oil desodoration equipment

SPM is only one Russian company which manufactures and delivers the desodoration equipment for fat-and-oil industry plants with capacity to 150 tons per day. We manufacture desodorators, scrubbers, deaerators, vertical and horizontal filters etc. Our equipment is installed on 15 plants throughout Russia: Moscow, Voronezh, Rostov regions, Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, Republics of Adygea, Buryatia etc. The excellent quality of our production is confirmed by the references of our customers for example Masloproduct holding company in Verkhnyaya Hava, Voronezh region

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